{Rebroadcast} Dune (2021) with Commie Trucker
Left of the ProjectorApril 01, 2024
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{Rebroadcast} Dune (2021) with Commie Trucker


Rebroadcast in anticipation of Dune: Part 2 coming April 4, 2024

Frank Herbert's Dune series has long been considered an impossible series to bring to film. We saw David Lynch try and fail, but in 2021, Denis Villeneuve accomplished the unthinkable. Dune Part One, the first half of the first novel, is a stunning film that really does an excellent job bringing the story to life. I'm joined again by Commie Trucker, co-host of the ⁠Left without Borders podcast⁠, to discuss how it does the book justice, the themes embedded in the movie and why it's so beloved among the right wing.

Commie Trucker:


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